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Top 5 Most Common Beauty Treatments

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Here at Jiva Spa, we offer a wide variety of the best medi spa services in Toronto. But have you ever wondered what the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures are?

According to a 2011 report from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, there were over 9 million surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures performed in the United States alone. And since we Canadians often follow what our friends south of the border are doing, you can be sure that these procedures are just as popular in Canada as well.

Here they are, in descending order.

5: IPL Photofacials – 439,161

An IPL photofacial is a technique using intense pulses of light to rejuvenate the skin. It can help with broken capillaries, spider veins, age spots, discolouration, and a number of skin conditions, including acne and rosacea.

The IPL photofacial came in fifth place, with 439,161 treatments performed in 2011.

4: Microdermabrasion – 499,427

A microdermabrasion is an anti aging skin treatment. It works by shooting tiny crystals at your skin, which deep exfoliates your skin, removing the outermost layer. Since this layer is made up entirely of dead skin cells, it reveals healthier, more radiant skin below. Microdermabrasions can also be effective at treating fine lines, wrinkles, acne, age spots, and acne scarring.

The microdermabrasion slid into fourth place, with 499,427 treatments performed in 2011.

Top 5 Most Common Beauty Treatments | Girl with hand in face with makeup | Jiva Spa Toronto anti aging facials beauty spa salon skin rejuvenation medispa

3: Laser Hair Removal – 919,802

Laser hair removal is quickly becoming one of the most popular hair removal options on the market, and it’s easy to see why. It works by destroying hair follicles at the root, essentially ceasing your body’s ability to produce new hair in the treated area. This can be a dream come true for many women (and men!) – you can strike that grooming option from your life for good.

Laser hair removal was the third most popular treatment in 2011, with 919,802 treatments performed. But with this treatment becoming increasingly more popular, I wouldn’t be surprised to see these numbers get much higher.

2: Hyaluronic Acid Fillers (Juvederm, Princess, etc.) – 1,206,186

There are many different hyaluronic acid dermal fillers on the market, not all of which we here at Jiva Spa Toronto offer. We specialize in Juvederm and Princess dermal fillers, for the simple reason that they provide our customers with the best results.

However, hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are designed to treat the signs of aging, especially crow’s feet, wrinkles, fine lines, jowls and sagging skin, and more.

More than a million of these procedures were done in 2011 – 1,206,186 – which shows how people are getting more comfortable with the idea of dermal injectables.

1: Botox – 2,619,739

By far the most popular treatment remains Botox – more than twice as many Botox injections were performed than hyaluronic acid fillers. This isn’t necessarily surprising, since Botox and hyaluronic acid fillers are often paired together for better results.

The active ingredient in Botox is a substance derived from a bacteria, botulinum toxin. Whereas hyaluronic acid injectables are designed to fill out your skin using a naturally occurring substance in your skin – hyaluronic acid – Botox is designed to reduce muscle activity in the area, which smoothes out wrinkles, fine lines, and other imperfections.

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Beauty Solution Profile: The Microdermabrasion

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There are so many different solutions to combat the onset of aging that it can make your head spin. That’s why we’ve put together this article series to help you better understand your options when it comes to achieving your health and beauty goals.

Here at Jiva Spa, we strive to be the best solution for microdermabrasion in Toronto because of the treatment’s many benefits. If you’re unfamiliar with it and what it can do for you, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out how a microdermabrasion can help you shave years off your look and reveal beautiful, radiant skin.

What Is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical method to restore smoother, more youthful looking skin.

The process works in a way similar to sandblasting. Using a tool uniquely developed for this specialized procedure, we’ll shoot tiny crystals at your skin. This removes the outermost layer of your skin, which is made up entirely of dead skin cells.

At the same time as the crystals are shot out, the same device sucks them away along with the dead skin cells, revealing only soft, smooth, radiant skin below. It also stimulates the growth of collagen in your skin, providing an added anti-aging benefit. As we grow older, the collagen in your skin regenerates more slowly, so giving your skin an added incentive to produce this important element is critical.

Not only does this leave you with nicer looking skin, it also has a number of anti-aging benefits as well. Microdermabrasions can work wonders when it comes to reducing the appearance of fine lines, scars, and wrinkles in the skin, since these are often more pronounced in the outer layer of your skin.

It can also help with acne prone skin, clearing out your pores and eliminating blackheads and whiteheads. It’s important to consult with your esthetician first, though – this treatment isn’t effective for everybody. If you’re suffering from acne prone skin, we have a number of treatments available here at Jiva Spa Toronto.

Those who suffer from hyperpigmentation, sun spots, excessively oily skin, and blemishes can also benefit from a microdermabrasion.

Beauty Solution Profile: The Microdermabrasion | Woman getting microdermabrasion treatment | Jiva Spa Toronto anti aging facials beauty spa salon skin rejuvenation medispa

Does Microdermabrasion Hurt?

It may sound like it hurts, doesn’t it? Sandblasting your skin???

But don’t worry – it’s nowhere near as bad as it sounds!

Microdermabrasion is a non invasive procedure which is virtually pain free. Some report a slight amount of discomfort during the procedure, and if that’s the case we can reduce the intensity of the treatment for you. However, the vast majority of people who experience microdermabrasion treatment report no pain whatsoever.

Risks Of Microdermabrasion

Once you’ve finished your treatment, you may experience some mild redness or soreness in the first day or two, or slight shedding of skin depending on your skin type. These are natural reactions, and nothing to be concerned with.

It’s a good idea to avoid the sun, tanning beds, or any other excessive heat (hot showers, saunas, etc.) for at least 24 hours after treatment.

Your esthetician will fully discuss the risks and benefits of microdermabrasion with you prior to treatment.

Should I Get A Microdermabrasion?

To find out more about microdermabrasion and whether it’s right for you, contact Jiva Spa Toronto. You’ll get a chance to sit down with one of our experienced estheticians, where you can explain your aesthetic goals and put together a treatment plan that works for you.

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Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Botox

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Here at Jiva Spa Toronto, we offer many different anti-aging solutions. And since one of the most popular and well-known options is Botox, we offer that as well. Striving to be the best Toronto Botox injection spa, we’ve put together this quick FAQ to help you better understand the risks and benefits of Botox, and whether it’s right for you.

What Is Botox Made Of?

Botox is a dermal injectable with three primary ingredients – human albumin (an element found in human blood), sodium chloride (AKA salt), and the active ingredient – a tiny amount of highly purified botulinum toxin, refined from the bacterial strain clostridium botulinum. Taken in larger doses, this substance is toxic, but in minuscule amounts it can be used therapeutically.

What Is Botox Used For?

Botox has a number of different possible uses. From an aesthetic perspective, Botox is most effective at treating fine lines in the forehead, frown lines around the face, and crow’s feet around the eyes.

Botox has other clinical uses as well. It’s been proven effective to treat migraines, muscular disorders, and certain gastrointestinal disorders. To find out more about these options, consult your physician – Jiva Spa Toronto does not offer Botox treatments for these purposes.

How Does Botox Work?

Botox works by targeting the underlying causes of imperfections in your skin – your muscles. As you frown, squint, laugh, cry, or smile, your face experiences a bit of wear and tear. And over the years, this can add up to those imperfections we all dread.

By injecting Botox, you’re temporarily reducing muscle activity in these areas. This results in a visible smoothing of skin imperfections.

Is Botox Safe?

Botox is one of the most extensively studied medi spa treatments on the market today. There are hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific articles on the safety and effectiveness of Botox, as well as countless clinical trials. If used under the proper supervision, the risks of Botox are very low.

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Botox | Girl with flowers on her face | Jiva Spa Toronto anti aging facials beauty spa salon skin rejuvenation medispa

Is There A Generic Brand Of Botox?

No. There are no generic or after-market versions of Botox. Only Botox brand cosmetics are approved for use.

How Long Does A Botox Treatment Take?

The actual injection takes about 10 minutes.

Are There Side Effects?

Side effects for Botox are fairly rare, and generally mild and temporary. The most common side effects reported include eyelid drooping and eyelid swelling, though others have experienced dry mouth, headaches, neck pain, discomfort at the injection site, tiredness, dry eyes, and allergic reactions, among others.

This is not an exhaustive list – your esthetician will fully explain to you the potential risks and side effects prior to your treatment.

Does Botox Hurt?

Most report Botox treatments to be mildly painful, equivalent to a small pinch on the skin. Very few find it intolerable. If you’re particularly sensitive, we can use a topical numbing cream.

How Long Does Botox Last?

Results can last anywhere from 3 to 6 months, depending on the area treated.

How Long Does It Take To Recover?

You can walk out of the spa after receiving your Botox injection and resume your day. The downtime is slim to none. However, you may receive aftercare instructions.

Is Botox Right For Me?

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Anti-Aging Tips For Women In Their 30s

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Let’s face it – women in their 20s don’t often think about how their skin will look when they get older. And if you’re a woman who’s – ahem – no longer in your 20s, you might be able to relate.

Carefree nights of partying, drinking and eating whatever you want, and waking up with last night’s makeup smeared across your pillow may not have any effect right away, but it will later on.

So now that you’ve hit your 30s, your body is cashing all those skin care cheques you deposited over the last decade or so. If you’re one of those women who implemented as many proactive anti-aging solutions for women as you could find, this isn’t the article for you. Your skin is likely already looking better than your harder-partying peers, and you can continue doing what you’ve been already doing for years.

But if you haven’t been as nice to your skin as you could have been, don’t worry! It’s not hopeless – you can still enjoy healthy, youthful looking skin. But you’ll have to change a few things…

Stay Out Of The Sun

The beach is glorious, and the sunshine feels great on your skin after a long, cold winter. Around this time of year we’re all dying for a few kisses from our warm friend in the sky.

But sun exposure can cause your skin to age more rapidly than anything else. If you’re going to go out in the sun, be sure to wear the proper protection – a big floppy sunhat, an outfit that doesn’t expose too much skin, and, most importantly, a strong sunscreen of at least spf30 with zinc oxide.

Anti-Aging Tips For Women In Their 30s | Middle aged woman with hands in face | Jiva Spa Toronto anti aging facials beauty spa salon skin rejuvenation medispa

Build A Skincare Routine

That drugstore-brand facial cleanser may have done the trick when you were younger, but once you hit your 30s it’s time to start taking your skincare routine more seriously, in both morning and night.

While everyone’s skincare needs are different, there are a few consistents. You’ll need a cleanser and a moisturizer at bare minimum.

Your cleanser should include some AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) to encourage exfoliation, and your moisturizer should include antioxidants, some UVA/UVB protection, and other elements to help you meet your specific goals.

Jiva Spa Toronto offers a wide range of different skin care products. If you’re confused about where to start, come on by for a consultation with one of our estheticians.

Create A Spa Routine

A spa like Jiva Spa Toronto has many different options to help you retain your youth well into your 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond.

If you’re not familiar with what spa services can do for your appearance, we can help. Contact us to book a consultation with one of our experienced skincare specialists. We have a wide range of solutions that can help people of any age, gender, or skin type.

You’ll find our contact information below. Contact Jiva Spa Toronto today and take your first step toward healthier, happier looking skin.

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